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Tuesday Oct 09, 2012 13:08

Quest Heroes: Why?

Since I can remember, I have always been fond of board games. As part of the last generation growing up without home computers (I got my first Spectrum Sinclair when I was well into high school), boardgames and pen and paper RPGs were the only alternative to the classics (chess, checkers, cards, etc.) to satisfy my life-long addiction to games.

In particular, between the age of 15 and 25, I have played hundreds of games of Talisman (the second edition, for the initiated), with the same group of 4-5 friends. The game is simple, but incredibly well crafted and deep. The release of subsequent expansions, which we collected religiously, showed a foresight from the designers/publishers way ahead of their time.

As life literally scattered our little gaming group around the world, I always thought of how neat it would be to find another boardgame like Talisman, but modernized, taking account the last 20+ years of evolution in the world of games at large.

I've recently joined another group of boardgamers, and we try to play at least once a month, when adult life permits it. While I have fun, I still haven't been able to find a game that will stir the same response that Talisman did back in the day, and  takes into account my more sophisticated taste for games, as it has evolved in the last twenty years, more than ten of which in a professional videogaming career.

I looked into the subsequent editions of Talisman that keep being released, but it has pretty much remained the same game with marginal changes to the rules and some extra content. What I'm talking about is a game that people like me, used to satisfy their passion for games in much more complex media (like PC, mobile phones, Facebook, Consoles, etc.), will still find compelling at its very core, regardless of the intrinsic fun of sitting around a table for a few hours with friends.

That's why I decided to come up with Quest Heroes (this is a working title, BTW, as I realize that it couldn't be more generic), and build the game that since I stopped playing Talisman I have always wanted to play.